Many people are experiencing financial difficulty in these hard economic times in Alabama.  (For information on Student Loan Debt, scroll down.)

childersburg-alabama-bankruptcyFinancial difficulties often involve creating a large amount of personal debt due to circumstances beyond our control such as: loss of a job, job cut-backs, lack of health insurance to cover medical bills, divorce, among other reasons.

Often times these unavoidable situations lead to more personal debt being accumulated on credit cards or through payday loans in an effort to catch up. However, most of the time we dig ourselves deeper into debt by trying to live on credit cards or borrowing more money from the payday loan stores.

Also, you may have a large amount of debt that you were able to manage several years ago when the economy was good, but now the debt has become uncontrollable. Many of us are looking for some breathing room from high interest credit card and personal loan debt. Whatever the reason for your debt problems, we are here to help you solve them, not to judge you.

Are the credit card companies refusing to work with you to help settle your debt? Are you being hassled or sued by creditors? Does your debt continue grow? Are your bills past due and you can’t pay? It may be time to consider bankruptcy. Call the office of Talladega County, Alabama Bankruptcy Lawyer Jordan M. Copeland today to schedule an appointment to discuss the options for your situation.

Are you being sued by creditors in the small claims court or the District Court of Talladega County in Sylacauga, Talladega or other surrounding areas? Is your pay check being garnished? Can’t pay your payday loans? If so, Sylacauga area Bankruptcy Attorney Jordan M. Copeland may be able to give you a fresh start free from creditors.  If you live in the Talladega County area and want to discuss your financial situation with a Bankruptcy Lawyer, call Jordan M. Copeland, Attorney at Law today.

If you want to stop this viscous cycle of personal debt, if you need debt relief and want a fresh financial start, you need to call the Sylacauga area Bankruptcy Law Office of Jordan M. Copeland, Attorney at Law. Call to schedule an appointment to be pre-screened by a Talladega County bankruptcy lawyer to determine if your best option may be filing bankruptcy. Our Bankruptcy Law Firm is located on Highway 280 in Childersburg, Alabama.

What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Alabama is a “total bankruptcy”, a “liquidation bankruptcy”, or a “straight bankruptcy” meaning that, if you qualify, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can eliminate most types of unsecured debt. Examples of unsecured debt are: credit card debt, medical bills, some types of personal loans such as common “payday” loans.

How can filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy help you?

If you qualify to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Alabama, you could have the benefit of eliminating most or all of your unsecured debt. Also, the filing of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Alabama can stop garnishments on your paycheck. Generally, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the quickest form of relief from medical bills, credit card debt, and other unsecured debt under the Bankruptcy Code. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can give you a chance to wipe the slate clean from creditors and start fresh.

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