childersburg-traffic-ticket-lawyerHave you been charged with a traffic ticket, speeding ticket, or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Talladega, Alabama? Even if you live in another State, Talladega, Alabama Traffic Court Defense Attorney, Jordan M. Copeland will defend you against your speeding ticket, or DUI charge in Talladega County or Shelby County, Alabama.

Talladega County Traffic Court Defense Lawyer, Jordan M. Copeland defends individuals against DUI charges in many counties and cities in Alabama. Have you received a DUI in Talladega County, including: Childersburg, Sylacauaga, Talladega, or Lincoln, Alabama? You need the representation of an aggressive DUI Defense Attorney.

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If you have received a traffic ticket in Alabama, and you just pay the ticket, it will go against your driving record, you will likely have points assessed against your driver’s license, and your auto insurance rates may increase.  You need to contact Talladega County, Traffic Ticket Court Defense Attorney Jordan M. Copeland as soon as possible to discuss how we can defend your specific ticket. We may be able to provide you other options with the prosecutor and the court other than simply pleading guilty.

Have you received a speeding ticket, DUI, or other traffic ticket on Highway 280 in Alabama? If so, then you are not alone. Alabama State Troopers write many traffic tickets on Highway 280 in Alabama. Our law office is located in Childersburg on Highway 280. Call us today to talk with a Highway 280 area traffic ticket defense attorney about your case. Call or email Alabama Traffic Court Lawyer, Jordan M. Copeland, today.

If you received a traffic ticket or DUI at the Talladega NASCAR Race, even if you live in another state, contact Talladega County DUI Defense Attorney Jordan M. Copeland to discuss your case.

Are you a truck driver or CDL driver and have received a speeding ticket, DUI or other citation, in Talladega County or Shelby County? Are you a commercial driver, and received a speeding ticket in Talladega, Alabama? Even if you live out of state, call Talladega County Traffic Court Attorney, Jordan M. Copeland to discuss your case today.