Are you a truck driver with a CDL license and received a traffic violation in Shelby or Talladega County, Alabama?

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October 22, 2014
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January 30, 2019

Are you a truck driver with a CDL license and received a traffic violation in Shelby or Talladega County, Alabama? We defend CDL holders in traffic ticket cases throughout Alabama.

Alabama CDL Ticket Defense Attorney, Jordan M. Copeland has successfully defended commercial driver’s license holders from all over the country against traffic citations across the State of Alabama. If you are a CDL holder, we know how important your driving record is to your job and ability to earn a living. We have obtained successful outcomes for CDL drivers in Shelby County, Talladega County and across Alabama. Attorney, Jordan M. Copeland has the courtroom experience and legal knowledge that you can depend on to fight your CDL ticket in Alabama.

Do you live out of the State of Alabama like many of our CDL clients? No problem. We can conduct a phone consultation and you can send us a copy of your citation(s) to review via email, fax or SMS text message. We generally work with our CDL clients on a flat fee basis for representation in CDL citation defense cases in Alabama. In many cases (depending on the citation and the court) with the court’s permission, we may be able to appear in court for you and handle your case without you having to come back to Alabama for traffic court.

If you are a truck driver and received a CDL traffic ticket in Talladega or Shelby County, Alabama – don’t assume that you have no defense in your case – no matter the circumstances. Even if the facts of your citation appear to be completely against you, many times we may be able to ultimately obtain a disposition of a non-conviction in your case.

As a truck driver we appreciate the work you do every day transporting goods throughout the United States including Alabama. We will show you the respect and courtesy you deserve when we represent you against a CDL traffic citation Talladega, Shelby or other location in Alabama. Contact us by phone at (256) 378-6087 or (205) 924-3839. You may also email us at [email protected] to discuss your pending CDL citation in Alabama.